How It Works


  • First of all, enter the Mail Maestros home page for registration. The link for Mail Maestros Webpage is
  • Click on the Sign up link which is located on the top right of the Header section
  • On entering the sign up page, a form will be displayed which you have to fill it up with correct details and register
  • Before registering please read Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Fair Usage Policy for your information

Confirmation after registration

  • After registration, click the login link which is also at the top right of the header section
  • The user will get a login page with Email ID and Password fields
  • Enter the fields correctly with your login credentials and enter
  • On successful login, you can see your Username in the Header section
  • The Header section contains two new links My Campaign and Username (Contact Person Name given during sign up)
  • The Username contains the following dropdown: My Account, My Bills, Change Password and Deactivate Account

Campaign Dashboard

  • After login, click the My Campaign Link in the header section
  • The link will take you to a new dashboard with the following links in the left section: Dashboard, Quick Upload, Campaign (with dropdown list), Campaign Review, Settings and Exit
  • The Dashboard link shows the details of total groups, total recipients, Campaigns (total campaigns you have run), Email Count and a tabular column of your campaign statistics
  • The quick upload link is where you can upload all your recipients/subscribers along with their group name. One can also view all the groups created along with their recipients
  • The Campaign link contains the dropdown: New, Drafts, Templates and Sent
  • The Campaign Review is where one can see whether their Campaign mail has been approved or rejected by the Admin after the banned items crosscheck
  • The banned items crosscheck is where the Admin will check and review the campaign mail for banned words and banned campaigns
  • The settings link is where one has to set their Timezone, their mail theme and their Signatures for their Campaign mail

Quick Upload (For Groups and Recipients/Subscribers)

  • The quick upload link is where the user can upload all their recipients/subscribers along with their group name
  • The quick upload section also contains Groups Button and Recipients Button
  • On clicking Groups Button, one can view all the groups the user has in their campaign list
  • On clicking Recipients Button, one can view all the Recipients along with their Group name in a tabular column
  • The uploaded document must be an excel sheet of the following formats: CSV, XLSV and ODS
  • The name of the excel sheets will be taken as the group name of the subscribers/recipients
  • The excel sheet can contain Email IDs, names, phone numbers, address, etc. of the subscribers/recipients
  • The names, phone numbers, address and all other details will also be stored as Database Fields in the Database
  • These Database Fields can later be used in the Email Campaign if the user needs them in their mail campaign
  • The excel sheet can also contain even only the email IDs of the subscribers
  • The details of the excel sheets can be convenient according to the user
  • The main things to keep in mind is that the excel sheet name will be taken as the Group name and the excel sheet should contain a column with email IDs of their subscribers/recipients

Running Campaign

  • After entering with their login credentials, the user has to enter the Dashboard through the My Campaign link
  • The Campaign link contains the dropdown list: New, Drafts, Templates and Sent
  • The New link is where the user can create a new campaign, they want to send to their recipients/subscribers
  • The from field is where your registered email id will be displayed
  • The to field is where the user has to select the group to which he/she will be sending the new campaign
  • The Subject field should contain the subject matter of the campaign mail. The user can also add the database fields from the database if they need it in the Subject field
  • The content is where the user can type their campaign text/mail. The user can also add the database fields from the database if they need it in the content field
  • The save button contains the dropdown: Draft and Template. The user can save the created campaign as a draft or as a template for later use
  • The insert button contains the dropdown: Signature and Template. The user can add their signatures by selecting from the created signatures list. The user can also add a template from the template list displayed in the templates section
  • The user has to send the created campaign mail for review before sending for their recipients/subscribers
  • The review will be done either manually or automatically by the admin by crosschecking for banned words, ideas, activities products, services, etc
  • The user can view the approved or rejected status in the campaign review section
  • The use can view their saved drafts in the Drafts section and the templates in the Templates section
  • The Sent section contains all the campaign and mails sent by the user from creating the Mail Maestros account

For Changing Registration Information

  • All the information details that are entered during the sign up can be changed whenever you want except the Mail ID information
  • One has to enter the My Account link which is in top dropdown list of your Username
  • On entering the My Account link, the user see all the fields that he/she has entered during registration
  • Other than the Mail ID information, all the other fields can be changed
  • The user is asked to give true information for the registration purpose for their convenience

Payment Bills of the User

  • The user can view all their pricing plans so far, they have bought from the creation of their Mail Maestros account
  • They can also view their payment bills in the My Bills Section

Changing the Login Password

  • Incase you need to change the Login password, enter the Change Password link in the dropdown list of your Username
  • On entering the link, you can see a form with old password field, new password field and confirm password field
  • On entering all the fields correctly, click the Change button for registering the data
  • Once again login with the Email ID and the new password

Deactivate Account

  • The user can deactivate their account whenever they want
  • For deactivating, go to deactivate link in dropdown list of Username
  • On clicking the Deactivate button, the user will be asked with the pop up on whether they need to proceed or not
  • On clicking Ok the user account will be deactivated, and they will be logged out