About us

Move on to the next level of business through Mail Maestros.

Mail Maestros helps you to get closer to your customers for sending bulk personalized and customizable email services with advanced features and functionalities

What is Mail Maestros?

Mail Maestros is a supreme initiative from Scrutiny Software Solutions Private Limited (Scrutinysoft®) providing a platform for the customer to send personalized mails to any number of people with just one click.

Why Mail Maestros?

Mail Maestros does not have any restrictions on sending personalized bulk emails to multiple number of peoples simultaneously and also provide dynamic marketing campaign, contact grouping, time optimization, creating email templates and mail delivery tracking status.

Who Build this?

Scrutiny Software Solutions Private Limited is the creator of Mail Maestros and they provide enriched services in Consulting, Strategy, Technology, Management and Operations to enrich client goals met effectively.

Why user choose us?

Scrutinysoft strongly focuses on other primary objectives for clients to improve their business through services streamlining, productivity improvement, wastage reduction/elimination, business value addition. We provide wide range of services to various segments micro, small, medium, large industries across the world through affordable cost solutions.