Mail Maestros is a personalized bulk email service provider yielding the customers to send business emails or bulk email marketing campaign to many people with the click of a button. We include different distinct email formats for the users to send their bulk email in a personalized manner to their mailing list contacts. We also provide lifetime account validity for the mail maestros users in managing their account.

dynamic marketing campaign

Add dynamic content in the email marketing campaign.

bulk email personalization

Send campaign emails and bulk emails in a personalized manner.

contact grouping management

Helps users to manage all their email contacts and their details in a simple way.

diverse mailing format

Address email in various dynamic formats for the users’ contacts.

time optimization

Allows users to send emails on specific date & time to target their customers.

delivery tracking status

Record sent, click and open details on all users’ email campaigns.

Transactional Emails, Promotional Emails,
Drip Campaigns